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A cenar!

I think I get how you feel.. I want to die so bad but I cant so I just kinda drag myself through the week. But because I know that for me, suicide is the ultimate ideal, it's just hovering over my aspiration. It makes it so hard to get better and enjoy anything because I'm always going to have this better, easier option in the back of my mind. It's one of the reasons its so hard to stop thinking/feelng negative. maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying but I'm sorry if I'm not. take care :c


i mean i dont know your situation but for me when i think about it and how i’d fuck some people up badly for a really long time and how i feel really good every once in a while and the possibility that i end up with a decent life it just isn’t really something i could go through with. I mean i say that now being in a neutralish emotional state and when i acutely want to kill myself i feel very much like suicide but i remember that in a few hours or days i’ll be less acutely aware of how fucked everything is and it doesn’t make me feel any better it just makes me not kill myself. idk my thoughts and moods change so much that nothing is really valid ever it feels and i think the best way to live is to just go out and actually do stuff if you can and appreciate beauty in the broadest way that i mean that and if  you feel like shit and you can sleep then do it and just try not to think too much just feel and dont think about how you feel just feel it like you would a sound or a touch and try and not feel it in the first place and shower regularly and keep your room clean. I’m sorry im not the best person to give advice and i know you werent necessarily asking for it, any way i hope you feel better some time i really do. it was nice to feel similarly to someone



Le Trou, Jacques Becker, 1960.